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Put our expertise to work for you. At Austin Grab Bars, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
I called Pat at Austin Grab Bars after my dad injured his back.  He showed up on time, had all the necessary equipment with him and installed them quickly. All the bars feel very secure and he even suggested a better placement for a few of the bars.  He was polite and I felt comfortable letting him hang the bars in my dad's home.  Hopefully I won't be needing grab bars again, but if I do, I'm calling these guys.

Shane S.

After falling in my bathtub I called Austin Grab Bars to install a grab bar in my bathtub. Pat was very helpful in suggesting not only the safest grab bars but also the most aesthetically pleasing bars. I was so pleased with his work ethic and reliability, I have hired him for several projects around my house including remodeling my bathroom. I highly recommend Austin Grab Bars.

Missy K

Dear Pat,

I just have to say that you have been a savior to me--and to my husband Jimmy! You installed five bars in our bathroom last spring, thus helping me prevent many hard falls.

You see, I have a startle condition called Hyperekplexia that I've had since I was a teenager. It causes frequent falls, and it seems the older I get, the less it takes to startle me. If you've ever seen a video of the fainting goats, you get a picture of me! The little goats do not actually faint. Their muscles lock up and they fall uncontrollably, then their muscles relax and they get up. Same with me--well until the past few years when I began to break bones and could not get up!

A couple of years ago, I discovered that if I use a
walker--I don't understand why--it prevents falls. I have a brief moment of startle but it passes quickly if I'm holding firmly to the walker. SAME WITH THE GRAB BARS!! I can hang onto those bars with no fear of falling! So you see, you are my savior!!!!

Also, the bars are beautiful and blend nicely with our decor. Thank you so very much, Pat.

A friend forever,
JI Sunset Valley, Texas

And P.S.: My business is nearly 100% referral 
based. If you believe I can help someone you
care about with their grab bar needs, please contact
me to discuss how best to make an introduction.